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Those Are Nice Bunny Slippers

August 14, 2012

Dear Mr. Applicant,

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day in bed to come down and apply for a job with us.  I know it must be taxing to get out from under the covers, where you were so snuggly and warm.  I assume you realize that if you were hired, you would have to repeat that practice everyday, right?

And although the job for which you have applied does not interact directly with customers, or anyone outside of the company, it would probably would have been a good idea to wear something other than your flannel pajama pants and fuzzy bunny slippers to meet with us.  I do think your slippers are snazzy, and they DO look comfy.  While you were taking the trouble to put on that button down shirt, you might also have slipped into some jeans and tennis shoes.  You know–put your best forward and all.

Thanks again for coming in.  If you hurry home, your bed covers may still be warm! 

Best Wishes,

The Honest Boss

  1. OMG This is brilliant! I swear there is no end to the crazy bed people. You gave me an idea for a post. I am sure you see all types.

  2. Reblogged this on Texana's Kitchen and commented:

    Readers, I invite you to check out my other blog, which is base on real life experiences in my career as a Human Resource Professional

  3. I would really, really, really like to believe you’re starting your new career as a fiction writer here. But somehow I doubt it. Ack.

  4. You can be too casual for an interview :-).

  5. Seriously? SERIOUSLY? He came in with a button-down shirt, flannel pajama pants and his SLIPPERS. Now I have heard everything. How did you keep a straight face through that interview?


    • Yes, seriously. I don’t have a good poker face, so I am sure it wasn’t straight during the interview. But I did address it. I have had to ask girls to cover their breasts ( I can only assume they thought they would be interviewing with a man). Once, when interviewing for an assistant store manager position, I had a guy come in for an interview that had just left the beach where he had been surfing. Covered in suntan oil, and still wearing swim trunks and flip flops. I also had someone take a call on his cell phone during an interview, wherein he accepted another job, and then he left…..Truth IS stranger than fiction.

  6. And some people wonder why they don’t ‘find a job’? Don’t think they’re serious. Or find the government check too appealing. Funny – and sad, story!

  7. Haha…Too funny. Maybe the bunny slippers are her formal slumber footwear. How do you drive in fur-covered slippers? Surely, this is a skill worthy of some attention.

  8. deadmousediaries permalink

    Isn’t it great that everyday life is filled with such rich blog fodder? The trick is to capture it in the entertaining way that you do, Honest Boss! Having come from the corporate environment, I love this blog as much as Texana’s because I can honestly say I’ve spent more time in the office than in my kitchen!

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