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Welcome to Honest Boss.  I am The Boss, and I am here to tell it to you straight.  Here, you won’t hear the fluffy, positive affirmations that you hear at work.  Those words are code for other things, and on this page, I will tell you what those things are.  At work, I am afraid that you will punch me in the face, cry all over my carpet, or sue the company, so I am forced to speak in half-truths.  I will speak to you in talking points, as we call them.  Words cleverly designed by a large legal team to tell you what I need to tell you in a way that covers my ass legally.  You will probably nod your head in understanding, even though you have no idea what I just said.

Not only do I have a staff that reports to me, but I also have scoop on what all the other bosses are thinking about their staff.   You see, we talk about you.  A lot.  We talk about you in our weekly meetings, and in our daily huddles.  When we go to happy hour, we talk about you.  When you think we are in conference, we are probably talking about you.  Don’t get me wrong.  Sometimes it’s good.  If you are a really good employee, we know you are, and we talk frequently about your promising career, how we will develop you for promotional opportunities, and what we can do to keep you engaged and happy in your job.  But usually, we talk about everyone else. 

I know, because in real life, I am a boss.  More importantly, I am a Human Resource Director, and I hold a senior level certification as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR).  That means I know what I am talking about, and have years of experience doing it. 

This blog is as much about helping you as it is about helping me.  You need to hear the truth, laid out clearly for you, and I need to say exactly what is on my mind sometimes.  It isn’t healthy holding it all in all the time.  It’s either this, or I reach across the desk and bitch-slap the next poor slob crying about his poor attendance and why he shouldn’t be fired.  You see, I get tired of sugar-coating everything I say and do.  So feel free to use my need for catharsis to hear some brutally honest feedback from an Honest Boss.

Peace Out!

Disclaimer: because I am good at what I do, and have been doing it for so long, I must also point out a few things.  All of the things you will read in here have actually happened.  However, it would be inappropriate of me to violate the confidences of either the companies for whom I have worked, or the employees who actually provided me these nuggets of inspiration.  Thusly, all of the facts have been washed of any identifying information, and happened sufficiently long enough in the past that they should never be considered current events.  If you think you recognize yourself in here, you don’t–that’s just your guilty conscience talking.  Listen to it, though–it may save your job one day.

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  1. changeforbetterme permalink

    Oh I can soooooo relate! 🙂 In the boss way, not the lazy, miss work, got fired employee way!

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